Burt Colucci

Burt Colucci

Current leader of the National Socialist Movement, a neo-nazi group

  • Date: Saturday, January 29, 2022
  • Last Updated: Sunday, January 30, 2022
  • Location: Orlando FL USA
  • ID: 5a3b2871-0b57-4852-836a-cc2ace9cebc4



Sunday the 30th

Saturday the 29th

  • Better footage of the Florida nazi's this afternoon. DeSantis has made Florida an open and accepting place for white nationalists like this.
  • Circled in red is neo-Nazi leader Burt Collucci indicted by a @maricopacounty grand jury for disorderly conduct charges (2 misdemeanors & a felony). The case stems from an incident that took place in April 2021 where Colucci was arrested for aggravated assault by @ChandlerPolice
  • A horrific antisemitic, anti-black rally is happening right now in Orlando, FL orchestrated by white supremacist Eddie McBride and his group NSM
  • This video is supposed to be from Orlando Florida today, Nazis attacking a heckler passing by.
  • More footage from today’s neo-Nazi NSM rally in Orlando, FL led by white supremacists Eddie McBride and Burt Colucci.


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