Antonio Paredes Lamotta
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Member of Vets For Trump, Founder of Shinobi Kai Kenjutsu, political cartoonist and Insurrectionist, who was charged for taking part in the Jan 6 Capitol Riots while out on bail



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Joshua Erick Macias Joshua Erick Macias
Updated: 2022-01-19
Founder of Vets for Trump who attended the Jan 6 Capitol Riot (outside the Capitol) while out on bail for weapons charges.
Amanda Chase Amanda Chase
Updated: 2022-09-10
Right-wing politician who served as state senator (2016) and is running for governor.
Case Information: Case# 1:22-MJ-177 - Antonio Paredes Lamotta
Status: Charged

Complaint filed 8/8/22.

Arrested 8/16/22.

Last Update: August 16, 2022
Summary: Inside Capitol building. (via MongrelData)
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