Ethan Schmidt

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Clout chasing anti-vaxxer and all-around bigot who founded of the 'Antimaskers Club'



Saturday the 11st


Thursday the 26th

Tuesday the 3rd


Wednesday the 23rd


Friday the 28th

Saturday the 15th

  • Antimasker Ethan Schmidt (grey hoodie) is at the Trump rally despite denouncing him in a recent video.

Tuesday the 4th



Tuesday the 16th

Tuesday the 9th

  • Ethan Schmidt, a supporter of Kari Lake and Trump, wears a "masks are gay" shirt as he trolls people at pharmacies in line for the vaccine.


Tuesday the 28th

  • Instagram has nuked Trump supporter Ethan Schmidt’s account. Ethan regularly posted anti-mask harassment videos.
  • Kari Lake posed for an "Antimaskers Club" video with bigot Ethan Schmidt who burns rainbow flags.


Monday the 7th


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