Donald Trump is famously quoted as saying that he could shoot somebody without losing any voters while he was running for President. After he was elected he went on to prove himself correct over and over again. In fact, the worse the scandal the more rabid his followers became.

It quickly became clear that to a certain group of people Nothing Mattered. There was nothing that their leader could do to make them abandon him. There were no atrocities horrible enough to make them waiver in their faith. They were totally lost in the cult of Trump and authoritarianism.

At first the phrase Nothing Matters was a sarcastic response for the endless Facebook and Twitter threads. Eventually it becase a call to arms. If there was nothing that mattered enough to them then the only thing left to do was fight.

Currently there are a few types of people who get classified as an Extremist. Mostly they will have either been charged in the Capitol insurrection, or they have engaged in documented right-wing violence, or they are a public person who promotes far-right ideaology.

For the insurrectionists we are relying on the Capitol Breach investigation Website. Due to manpower limitations we are far behind on documenting insurrectionists so we are focusing on those who have been found/pled guilty.

For the violent far-right extremists we are forced to rely on local journalists and the organizations that track right-wing extremists. Where possible we use local and mainstream news coverage but the coverage is poor at best. Law enforcement is also notoriously reluctant to arrest right-wing criminals so relying on law enforcement for identification is impossible.

We take a lot of care when deciding if someone will be added to the archive. The last thing we want to do is add someone who doesn't deserve it.

The first consideration is whether they are a public or private citizen. For public citizens (elected officials, public servents, etc) the bar is lower than for private citizens. All that is required is that the person has been documented to be involved in some activity related to the rise in authoritarianism or fascism.

For private citizens they must also be involved in activites related to right-wing authoritarianism or fascism. In addition they must be documented to have either broken a law, or have done something that is itself worthy of inclusion in the archive. Membership, friendship, or association is not enough as these are protected activities. Of course, once in the archive all of these membershps and associations will be noted.

Most listing are elegible to be removed with review, see below for additional details. If you want us to consider you for removal the process is simple. DM us on Twitter with a photo of yourself holding a current newspaper (to verify date) and a photo id showing only the picture and name (to verify identity). Black out all other info on the identification and the identification does not have to be valid or current. We will review promptly and reply within 5 business days (probably).

If you are listed as an insurrectionist and you were found innocent or all charges were dropped we will happily remove that designation and associations. If that is the only reason you are on our site you will be removed completly.

If you were once a member of a far-right group but are trying to leave we are willing to review. In most cases where there is no recent documented activity we are willing to deactive your profile.


This site is for eduction and research only. No information presented is ever considered complete or perfectly accurate. Every effort has been made to vet sources but please follow the links provided and do your own research.

Everyone, even Nazis and Nazi sympathizers, are innocent until proven guilty.

Please contact us via DM on our Twitter Account @NoMatterNews with any additional information, corrections, or requests for removal. If you would like to support our efforts please check out our Patreon, Thank you.