Temporary Policy Change

We hate doing it but we have temporarily enabled Google Analytics. In our push to break even on expenses we needed to get a handle on how our website is performing. We are looking for a solution that is better for privacy, and when we find one we will update this policy.

I am not going to pretend to know what this means for your privacy. I'm not that smart. However Here is the page with the information you need. Thanks for understanding and hopefully we will have a better solution in place soon.

Might as well keep this as short as possible. We LOVE privacy, not just ours, but yours as well. For that reason we don't track anything on our website. We don't use cookies or javascript trackers. Seriously, we don't track anything about you, your usage of our website, or anything else and we never will. The only statistics we keep are a simple anonymous count of page hits for the past 30 days.

This means, naturally, that we will never share or sell the information we have (which is nothing) to anybody. If you have any questions we are on Twitter. I don't know how we could be more clear but we are always willing to talk.


This site is for eduction and research only. No information presented is ever considered complete or perfectly accurate. Every effort has been made to vet sources but please follow the links provided and do your own research.

Everyone, even Nazis and Nazi sympathizers, are innocent until proven guilty.

Please contact us via DM on our Twitter Account @NoMatterNews with any additional information, corrections, or requests for removal. If you would like to support our efforts please check out our Patreon, Thank you.