David Michael Nell David Michael Nell
Updated: 2022-09-25
4th Degree Proud Boy and Organizer of the 2022 Maryland 'Trucker Convoy' Support Group
Jeremy Bertino Jeremy Bertino
Updated: 2022-09-25
Proud Boy and "Person 1" in the Enrique Tarrio indictment
Blake Gates Masters Blake Gates Masters
Updated: 2022-06-05
Right-wing tech-bro, politician, and venture capitalist who was endorsed by Donald Trump in 2022 Arizona Senate run
Amy Kremer Amy Kremer
Updated: 2022-04-12
Tea Party/MAGA political activist, 2x Pro-Trump PAC founder, and 'Stop the Steal' organizer
Robert Francis Kennedy Jr Robert Francis Kennedy Jr
Updated: 2022-01-23
Right-wing conspiracy theorist, radio host, and anti-vaxxer who promotes the debunked conspiracy that vaccines cause autism
Michael Enoch Isaac Peinovich Michael Enoch Isaac Peinovich
Updated: 2022-01-22
White Supremacist blogger, podcaster and founder of alt-right hub 'The Right Stuff'. Promoted the deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville
Nathan Benjamin Damigo Nathan Benjamin Damigo
Updated: 2022-01-22
White supremacist, founder of Identity Evropa (aka American Identity Movement), and defendant in lawsuit over deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville
Christopher Charles Cantwell Christopher Charles Cantwell
Updated: 2022-01-21
Knows as 'the Crying Nazi' Right-Wing White Supremacist who promoted the deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville
Jason Eric Kessler Jason Eric Kessler
Updated: 2022-01-21
One-Time Proud Boy, Right-wing neo-Nazi and conspiracy theorist who organized the deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville
Richard Bertrand Spencer Richard Bertrand Spencer
Updated: 2022-01-21
White Supremacist who organized the deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville
Ali Alexander Ali Alexander
Updated: 2022-01-19
Born Ali Abdul-Razaq Akbar, a right wing activist, conspiracy theorist, and promoter of The Big Lie
Bianca Gracia Bianca Gracia
Updated: 2022-01-19
Right-wing politian and Activist, QAnon follower, and president of Latinos For Trump. Says God chose her to run for TX Senate, which she lost.
Eric Frederick Trump Eric Frederick Trump
Updated: 2022-01-18
The third born, and possibly dumbest, child of Donald J. Trump.
Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle
Updated: 2022-01-18
Ex-Assistant district attorney for San Francisco, Ex Fox News Personality, and Finance committee chair of the Trump Victory Committee. Currently dating Donald Trump Jr.
Greyson Arnold Greyson Arnold
Updated: 2022-01-15
White nationalist, Holocaust denier, and Podcaster
Candace Owens Candace Owens
Updated: 2022-01-08
Conservative author, COVID-19 vaccine opponent, and political commenter
Alex Jones Alex Jones
Updated: 2021-11-15
Right wing conspiracy theorist and radio show host.
Lt. General Michael Flynn Lt. General Michael Flynn
Updated: 2021-11-13
Retired three-star Army General, Trump National Security Advisor, QAnon conspiracy leader, and insurrection supporter.
Steve Bannon Steve Bannon
Updated: 2021-11-13
Co-Founder of Breitbart, Right-wing pundit and strategist and Chief Strategist for Donald Trump. Married and Divorced three times.
Roger Jason Stone Roger Jason Stone
Updated: 2021-10-27
Right wing organizer, convicted (pardoned by Donald Trump) felon, and friend of Donald Trump
Elsa Aldeguer Elsa Aldeguer
Updated: 2021-08-22
Right-wing instigator, leader of Latinos4Trump, and Three Percenter


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